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Banana Toffee


Quick Bites With Banana Flavor

Have you ever heard of Banoffee?? It’s typically an English pie made with bananas, toffee, cream and buttery biscuits😋 How about a little healthier version rolled into a ball!? Ummm yes please!! Give these Banoffee Truffles a try, bet you can’t just eat one (I couldn’t 😬)! Makes 10 balls.
Our Banana Nut Bread flavored peanut powder tastes exactly like a freshly baked, moist sweet loaf of banana bread, laced with pieces of real walnuts. Just like your mom would make when she needed to do something with those over ripe bananas begging to be used... While all of our flavors have multiple uses and are amazing just mixed with water into a spread. Try using our Banana nut bread as a warm drizzle on top of vanilla or caramel swirled ice cream! 

Ingredients: Non-GMO Peanut Powder, Maltodextrin, Cane Sugar, Walnuts, Natural Flavoring, Sea Salt, Stevia.

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