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Popular Powdered Peanut Butter May Just Be The Perfect Snack!

  • 2 min read

Powdered peanut butter is gaining popularity for its versatility and incredible taste. Chances are you may have heard about powdered peanut butter, but you may not realize the essential health benefits that it packs. Powdered peanut butter is made by pressing out the natural oils from roasted peanuts, then defatting them by grinding the nuts into a powdered form for use in a host of edible ways.


Compared to the traditional peanut butter, powdered peanut butter is a nutritious solution for peanut butter lovers who wish to leave off the fat without giving up a fantastic taste. These powders can incorporate creative mixtures and flavors that can be added to food or enjoyed on their own, giving peanut butter lovers of all ages inspired tastes and healthy options.


Low-Calorie Snack

For people looking for ways to add flavors to foods while not increasing calories, powdered peanut butter is a popular choice. As powdered peanut butter is lower in cholesterol content than the traditional form of peanut butter, it offers a less fatty substitute to your favorite recipes. This nutritious and delicious powder is a natural choice of ahealthy snackthat keeps you feeling full longer, replacing your higher calorie options.


Flavor To Favorite Foods

Powdered peanut butter is much more versatile than traditional peanut butter and can be used in almost any way in which you may imagine. Mixing blueberry peanut butter powder into your morning oatmeal or chocolate almond peanut butter powder to your popcorn will add a healthy richness to your meals and snacks. You can even make the powder into dips for parties or sprinkle it on toast as a yummy option at breakfast. The versatility of this powder gives you almost endless possibilities.


Quality Matters

As with any food product, quality is the most crucial aspect of your overall satisfaction. AtFlavored PB Co., we are committed to producing only the highest quality powdered peanut butter products made in the U.S.A. from non-GMO peanuts. Our products offer you and your family healthy and nutritious options that will keep you coming back for more! Try one or all of our flavored powdered peanut butter today!